John Snider


Associate Professor, Crop Physiology
Research | Teaching | CV

As a crop physiologist at the University of Georgia and the P.I. for the Cotton Physiology lab at UGA’s Tifton Campus, Dr. John Snider’s official appointment is 85% research and 15% teaching.

The overarching research objective of the Cotton Physiology Lab is to utilize physiological principles to solve agronomic problems and improve the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of cotton production in Georgia.

Dr. Snider is particularly focused on characterizing physiological response to yield-limiting stresses, identifying management strategies that improve water use efficiency, and identifying traits associated with improvements in seedling vigor.

The Cotton Physiology Lab collaborates closely with the UGA Cotton Team, other UGA researchers and extension specialists, university personnel in multiple states, USDA personnel, local producers, the Georgia Cotton Commission, Cotton Incorporated, and many others.

Dr. Snider’s efforts in education are primarily focused on graduate student advising and scheduled undergraduate and graduate teaching to help meet the instructional needs of the department of Crop and Soil Sciences at UGA.