Scheduled Instruction at UGA

Crop Physiology (CRSS 4450/6450)

  • Description: Plant function from the cellular level to the plant community level (typical of crop production systems). Cultural and environmental factors influencing physiological processes, crop growth responses, and productivity are discussed. Distinctions are made between crop species when fundamental differences in plant processes exist (e.g., C3 versus C4 species).
  • Credit hours: 3
  • Offered: Spring semester every even-numbered year since 2014.
  • Delivery method: In-person lecture on the Tifton campus and via zoom to all other campuses.

Advanced Crop Production (CRSS 8010)

  • Description: Effect of environment and heredity on crop production, including light, temperature, water, fertility, and other factors affecting plant growth and management.
  • Credit hours: 3
  • Offered: Summer semester every odd-numbered year since 2013.
  • Delivery method: In person lecture and hands-on field activities, Tifton only.

Advanced Topics in CRSS (CRSS 8220) [Crop Physiology Case Histories]

  • Description: How crop physiological response to genotype, management, and environment influences productivity in nine major row crops that account for much of the world’s food, feed, and fiber. General production information, crop development, resource capture (radiation, water, and nutrients), and yield component responses are discussed for each species.
  • Credit hours: 3
  • Offered: Taught once in Spring 2022.
  • Delivery method: In-person lecture on the Tifton campus and via zoom to all other campuses.

Supervised Teaching Practicum in CRSS (CRSS 9990)

  • Description: University-level teaching, including the presentation of lectures and/or laboratory sessions under faculty supervision, at the doctoral level.
  • Credit hours: 1-3
  • Offered: Taught as needed [Summer 2021, Spring 2022].
  • Delivery method: In-person supervised teaching in Tifton.

Special Problems in CRSS (CRSS 8210)

  • Description: Faculty-sponsored short-term research projects in the area of crop and soil sciences other than thesis or dissertation. Research may be conducted in laboratory, greenhouse, or field.
  • Credit hours: 1-3
  • Offered: Taught as needed [Fall 2015, Fall 2021].
  • Delivery method: In-person supervision in Tifton.